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Saurabh Sharma

Business Owner
Forgot my id at home and have to catch flight, Workifii picked my ID from rohini and delivered in under 90 mins. . Hats off to team Workifii.
Called them at 10pm and these guys have arranged all my party supplies, decor, drinks and cake by midnight... what more to say. I love WORKIFII...

Ikesh Nagpal

Chartered Accountant


I forgot my i-phone charger at friends place, Workiffi got it picked from gurgaon and gave to me in Noida office within 2 hrs, since then i use workifii for my day to day chores as they are most reliable and efficient.
My car got puncture near aiims medical in the middle of road while going office and got terrified. My Daughter called Workifii services and they came to my location in 20 mins and got it repair. It was a miracle to me. Great service by Team Workifii.